Giesse – CHIC 3D 130

Complete system for the construction of concealed tilt-and-turn windows with load capacities of up to 130 kg and with 180° sash opening.
Available in the standard, logic and microventilation versions.

Technical Features
Making a CHIC 3D 130 Tilt-and-Turn mechanism requires:

  • Set of hinges + arms
  • Set of mechanisms for cremones, window handles and NP SUPRA window handles
  • Cremone, window handle or NP SUPRA window handle (available in different models to choose from in the specific catalogue section)

The adjustments are micrometric and independent.

Standard microventilation
Micro-ventilation enables having simultaneously both the tilt-and-turn position and micro-ventilation (precision opening of the sash) on the casement, for better air exchange.

The logical operation consists in first tilt-and-turn opening (with the cremone at 90°) and secondly side-hung opening (with the cremone at 180°). Its use is particularly recommended in public buildings (schools, hospitals, etc.) in combination with a cremone with a key in order to have only tilt-and-turn window opening for safety reasons and to allow full opening only for staff with the key.

Production micro-ventilation with standard opening

Production micro-ventilation with Logica opening