Giesse – Balcony Door

Tilt-and-turn balcony door, which can also be operated from the outside.
If required, it can also be fitted with a lock to increase security.
Especially suitable for terraces or patios.

Technical Features
The tilt-and-turn balcony door is available for both traditional FUTURA and concealed CHIC mechanism, and is operated using standard or SUPRA7 Giesse (double) window handles.

As a replacement for the traditional movement, the 32 mm backset must be used, which allows for the application of the double window handle.
If required, the lock makes the system more secure.

The following is required to make a tilt and turn sash on a Balcony door:

  • CHIC or FUTURA hinges and arms
  • Tilt-and-Turn mechanism with M180 movement 32 mm backset
  • SUPRA7 double window handles
  • 32 mm backset lock