Champion Plus 90: Clean cut, perfect installation

Giesse sliding multi-lock solution is now available for 90° cut profiles.

Among the variety of sliding solutions for aluminium profiles offered by Giesse, Champion Plus stands out as a strength versatile multi-point locking system that can be configured with 1 to 3 locking points depending on the specific requirements of each project. 

Champion Plus 90 is the latest entry in the Champion Plus family, specifically designed for easy machining and installation on 90° cut profiles. 

Main features of Champion Plus range:  


Easy installation
The rod is easily and quickly fitted to the profile using a special fixing kit, to be selected according to the profile of choice.


200 kg tensile strength
Champion Plus has been tested achieving resistance to strain values up to 200 kg for each locking point.


High resistance to corrosion
The surface treatments ensure high corrosion resistance (Class 4 – EN 1670-2008), even in aggressive environments.

Champion Plus
For profiles with 45° cut. Available in both
standard and micro-ventilated versions.

Campion Plus 90
Is the brand-new Champion Plus for 90° cut

Dedicated installation template and hardware fixed directly onto the profile allow for quick and simple installation of Champion Plus 90, without the need for adapters. Hook nibs reduce the hardware space requirements.  

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