Sliding solutions

Giesse offers a wide range of sliding window and door solutions, including special systems like tilt-and-slide and lift-and-slide

In the world of architecture and design, creating spaces that seamlessly blend aesthetics, functionality, and versatility is key. Sliding windows and doors offer B2B professionals the perfect solution to transform commercial environments with precision and style. 

Special sliding systems



GS1000 tilt-and-slide

GS1000 combines the benefits of a sliding window with the outstanding heat insulation and soundproofing typical of a side-hung window.

  • Sashes up to 200 kg and 2700 mm in height 
  • Compatible with most aluminium profiles for side-hung windows
  • Semi-automatic operation version available
  • Suited for very deep insulating profiles and extremely thick glass
  • Incorrect movement safety device
  • Catch system automatically locks the sash in the tilt position when closing.

Manual operation versions

Semi-automatic operation versions



GS3000 lift-and-slide

GS3000 is the ideal solution for big openings, with large and heavy sashes, with a multi-point locking system that offers secure and effective closure against the elements.

  • Sashes up to 400 kg and 3750 mm in height 
  • Compatible with the most common profile series, thanks to the range of locking points and spacers
  • Safety device to dampen handle return movement
  • Flush threshold compatible, for enhanced accessibility
  • Micro-ventilation with closed sash 


Locking solutions for sliding

Brio Evo


Brio Evo is a full range of recessed handles and pull handles for sliding windows and doors.

  • Easier and faster application on profiles up to 3mm
  • Redesigned recess handle for easy manoeuvring
  • Two designs: rounded and square, for a complete range
  • The grub screw in Brio Mini Evo is centrally located for sturdier fixing
  • Three different backsets available (standard, L and XL)

Brio Top Security


The Top Security multi-locking system is applied on the wing profiles with 90° cut, where the recessed handle is applied inside the tubolarity. 

  • Doors: 3 locking points, 1500 mm length
  • Windows: 2 locking points, 720 mm length
  • The robust stainless steel nib guarantees an excellent tight on the frame counterplate
  • 200 kg max. tearing resistance for every single nib
  • Height adjustment (3 positions) during the installation phase
  • Corrosion-proof austenitic stainless steel (Aisi 304) material
  • It can be operated either by a Brio Evo recessed handle or by a Cremone bolt (Unica or Asia aesthetic)

Champion Plus


The Champion Plus hardware system is the ideal solution for multipoint locking for sliding doors. The Champion Plus multi‑locking range is available with 1 to 3 locking points, which can be installed on both doors and windows.

  • 200 kg max. tearing resistance for every single locking point
  • The rod is easily and quickly fitted to the profile using a special fixing kit
  • The rods are available in different lengths, so they can easily adapt to the different sizes of windows or doors
  • Micro-ventilation minimizes condensation and ensures fresh air supply to the interior without compromising the temperature in the room
  • High corrosion resistance (Class 4 – EN 1670-2008)
  • For profiles with 45° and 90° cut.




Mismo multilock, a modular system of fittings, operated by a cremone and polyamide rods, which allows customers to decide the number of lock points to be inserted in a sliding French window.

  • For all sliding systems with 15 / 20 channel on the sash
  • Variable number of lock points according to the security needs
  • The cremone allows the hardware to be operated firmly and comfortably


Why Choose Sliding aluminium Windows and Doors solutions in your projects?

  1. Space Optimization: Sliding windows and doors maximize interior space utilization. They open horizontally, ensuring that no valuable floor space is wasted, making them an ideal choice for commercial spaces with limited room to spare.
  2. Contemporary Design: Sliding systems exude a modern and minimalist design that elevates the visual appeal any property. Their sleek profiles and clean lines complement various architectural styles, enhancing the overall aesthetics of your projects.
  3. Easy Access: The smooth operation of sliding systems ensures effortless access for everyone. Whether you need to create a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor spaces or facilitate easy movement within large facilities, sliding windows and doors offer the perfect solution.
  4. Versatility: Sliding systems are highly versatile and suitable for residential and also commercial applications, including retail stores, restaurants, office complexes, healthcare facilities, and more.

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