Sponsorship history

Tyman International and sports

Both Giesse and Reguitti have a long and successful history of sponsorships. Due to their italian roots, motorsports were the first and most natural choice for these two brands. Over the years, they sponsored brands like Ferrari and Lancia, and teams racing in prestigious events like the World Rally Championship or the Le Mans series, as well as some national and local teams. These partnerships were instrumental for Giesse and Reguitti growth, and they proved once again that top brands always go hand-in-hand.

Take a look below for a few examples from Giesse and Reguitti sponsorship history books.


Giesse and Reguitti sponsored teams have won titles in several different motorsport classes.

  • 1993 – European Rally Championship
  • 1994 – Class 1 World Powerboat Championship
  • 1994 – 1000 Lakes Rally
  • 1996 – Monte Carlo Rally
  • 1997 – International Sports Racing Series SR1 class
  • 1998 – International Sports Racing Series SR1 class
  • 1998 – 24 Hours of Daytona
  • 2006 – Monza Rally (N class)
  • 2006 – FIA GT2 Championship
  • 2011 – Le Mans Grand Touring Endurance
  • 2011 – Monza Rally (N4 class)