The Tyman International world of handles

Since 1975, our handles and accessories have been designed with a focus on natural harmony, the new and the unconventional. Our vision combines functionality and aesthetics. Our thirst for innovation led us to developing stainless steel accessories through a brand new, dynamic division: Reguitti Inox.

Minimal handle with a recycled aluminium core


Sergio Baronchelli

Alves Paolo Scarpellini

GGA Gardini Gibertini Architetti

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News / Events
Kora handle for timber
Kora is the brand new handle for timber doors and windows made by Reguitti. Designed in collaboration with Giesse.
News / Events
Reguitti Inox NEXT 35 Pull Handle
With fingerprint reader
Reguitti Inox NEXT 35 the perfect pull handle with fingerprint reader for intelligent buildings.
News / Events
Reguitti Obliq minimal handles
Innovation for everyone
Reguitti Obliq handle for doors and windows offers aesthetics, functionality, ergonomics and sustainability, all in one product.

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