Giesse – GS3000-300/400 LIFT AND SLIDE

Lift and slide hardware system to construct sashes from 300 to 400 kg.

Technical Features
The GS3000-300/400 system is composed of:

  • 300/22 pulleys (300 kg) for seating in profiles with 22 mm slot and 42 mm slot/track distance, for sashes up to 300 kg
  • additional pulley, in addition to the 300/22 pulleys, to be employed for the following cases:
    • 1 additional pulley for sashes wider than 2500 mm and up to 300 kg
    • 2 additional pulleys for sashes up to 400 kg in weight and width >1300 mm
  • pulleys connection rod for drive transmission from main to secondary pulley. DEREK To be selected on the basis of sash width
  • drive gear with 27.5 mm backset and 37.5 with key. The backset depends on the profile employed and the length of the rod depends on the sash height
  • locking points to assemble to the frame, to be selected in accordance with the profile type. The number of mechanisms depends on the sash height
  • shims to be selected in accordance with the profile, drive gear and type of locking point employed
  • window handle with 80 mm fixing C/C distance, available in CLASSIC and KORA styles, in single version without key and single/double with key.
  • external recess handle with 80 mm fixing C/C distance