Giesse – GS1000-HD 200

Tilt and slide system with semi-automatic forced control operation that allows closing the sash with just one hand, by operating the long-handled cremone.
For applications with sashes weighing up to 200 kg.
Available for Euro groove profiles.

Technical Features
GS1000-HD 200 is ideal for sashes of up to 200 kg in weight, for easily operating the sliding sash.
Uses double pulleys with machined side plugs and reinforcements.

GS1000 HD-200 is available in the configuration for the Euro groove profile and uses special fastening mechanisms specifically designed for aluminium.

All the hardware components are equipped with Torx fixing screws.

The hardware set uses fixed lock strikers and compression adjustable lock pawls (±1.2 mm), with which you can optimize the perimeter pressure of the sash.

It is possible to add up to two additional locking points on the top and bottom cross-beams, depending on the size of the sash, to improve the air/water seal.