Giesse – CHIC Bottom-hung

Hinge set for concealed Bottom-hung windows up to 250Kg

Technical Characteristics
Total opening of the 180° hinge to facilitate its assembly.
Fixing on the frame without machining, by means of pre-assembled cams.
Sash height (+2.5 ÷ -0.5 mm) and compression (+1.4 ÷ -0.6 mm) adjustment, micrometric and independent of each other.
The hinge is completed by 2 raising components that improve its stability.

Maximum load capacity (*) 250 kg
Minimum height (*) 3,000 mm
(*) these are a consequence of the opening limiter used (see the opening limiters table).

Mandatory: opening limiter

Description Code Load capacities W (mm) H (mm)
RALLENTY (150mm) 02041K 50 kg 200÷2500 400÷1500
RALLENTY (250mm) 02040K 80 kg 200÷2500 570÷1500
FRIZ (140mm) 02800K 70 kg 200÷2500 420÷2500
FRIZ (300mm) 02030K 130 kg 200÷2500 580÷2500
FUTURA HP 01175K 250 kg 780÷2500 600÷3000

GS Silver PLUS zamak sash support
Connecting brackets, hinge plates and cams in zinc plated steel
AISI 304 stainless steel pins and screws
Grey polyamide raising component


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