Lozaron seal with TPE foam

LF 1105, new extruded gasket with TPE foam insert

Within the range of extruded gasket, Schlegel adds a new product dedicated to timber windows: LF 1105.

Lozaron is the Schlegel brand family of extruded seals that guarantees high performance, according to the combination of materials and shapes.

LF 1105 is composed of TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) combined with TPE foam, that is, the flexible microcell foam in TPE. Thanks to its geometry and the microcellular fiber insert, the dry glazing seal guarantees optimal sealing and flexibility to adapt and compensate for all the micro expansions and contractions of the timber window, that often occurs due to thermal variations.

The LF 1105 seal ensures tolerance between glass and timber, adapting to the natural movements of the latter.

This new seal represents Schlegel’s commitment to providing innovative and high-quality solutions that meet the needs of a constantly evolving market, where the search for high-performance and durable materials is essential.

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