Extruded Seals

Schlegel extruded seals are made from various extruded materials and can be combined with foam seals.

For extruded seals, a variety of materials and manufacturing processes are combined to achieve the optimal combination of product characteristics.
Lozaron extrusions are made of different plastic compounds and can be combined with the Poly- Bond brush pile and Q-LON foam technologies.

Lozaron seals consist of a range of TPE, foamed TPE, polypropylene, EPDM and PVC profiles.

  • Lozaron TPE extrusions with flexible microcell foam (LF)
  • Lozaron TPE extruded profiles without foam (LT)
  • Polypropylene (LP) and PVC (LV) extrusions
The extruded seals are precisely engineered, ensuring an exact fit to windows, doors, shutters and screens. This meticulous design ensures optimal sealing performance, keeping interiors safe and secure.


Wide range of materials
Schlegel extruded seals are made from the best material to suit each application.
Wide range of colours
Schlegel extruded seals come in a huge range of colours.
In all shapes
Schlegel extruded seals can be configured with geometries ranging from the simplest to the most specific shapes
Different densities
Schlegel extruded seals come in three different densities and materials, which can be mixed and matched for optimal performance.
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Timber windows and doors

Aluminium windows and doors

Shutters and Screens


Classification of gaskets according to EN 12365 2003

Under EN 12365 2003 there is a prescribed classification system that enables window, door, shutter and curtain walling manufacturers or installers to ensure that they are using the component that best meets their requirements.


The colours listed below are subject to availability and can be offered upon request. Depending on the configuration, special conditions for minimum order quantities, lead time, packaging and price may apply.

Standard Colours

White, Black and Bronze are the main standard colours.

Extra Colours

Extra colours included are Translucent, Papyrus White, Graphite Black, Beige, Silver Grey, Graphite Grey, Pebble Grey, Light Grey, Dust Grey, Ochre Brown, Chestnut Brown, Chocolate.

For the standard colours of each article, please refer to the customer drawings available separately on our website.

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