Q-LON: excellence in acoustic insulation

Noise reduction capabilities of windows and doors in some areas is a real priority

The importance of the noise reduction capabilities of windows and doors is not only a sustainability criterion, but a real priority in metropolitan areas and, in some countries, a legal requirement for public works.

Superior recovery after compression

For these reasons, having accessories and components that contribute to the acoustic insulation of windows and doors is an important competitive advantage for window and door installers and companies, especially when bidding for public building contracts and works.

Schlegel‘s unique Q-LON gaskets offer the best compression properties on the market and therefore play an important role in achieving noise abatement goals in a window frame.

Q-LON gaskets are made from a special polyurethane foam contained in a polyethylene film. This special material mix allows Q-LON to return to its original shape upon compression up to 50% more than extruded gaskets, even at extremely low temperatures1.

Outstanding acoustic insulation

Q-LON’s exceptional compression capabilities are a key factor in acoustic insulation, allowing up to 4 dB noise reduction compared to extruded gaskets2.

By prioritising noise reduction, installers can provide their customers with value-added windows and doors. Increased sound insulation not only improves comfort and privacy, but also contributes to energy efficiency, in line with European sustainability standards.

1Test performed in accordance with classification E 12365 on a selection of Q-LON seals compared with extruded seals.
2Test performed to UNI EN ISO 10140-2 on a selection of Q-LON seals compared with extruded seals.

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