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Minimal design

Contemporary architecture and interior design have a minimalist approach and therefore windows and doors accessories are also increasingly discreet or even invisible. In the case of handles, this translates into minimalist and elegant shapes that suit the ultra-slim profiles employed in modern buildings.

In the realm of contemporary architecture and interior design, the ethos of “less is more” prevails. Modern structures and living spaces embody a minimalist approach, where clean lines, simplicity, and functionality take center stage. This architectural shift towards minimalism has brought about a demand for discreet, unobtrusive, and elegantly designed windows and doors accessories. In this landscape, minimal design handles shine as the epitome of form and function.

Reguitti Obliq – Innovation for everyone

Aesthetics, functionality and ergonomics go hand-in-hand into one product, 100% Made in Italy. Thanks to the concealed rosette the handle is fitting with the style of every door. Obliq is made with recycled aluminium, an exceptionally resistant material that can be re-used infinitely.

Giesse Supra7 - minimal handle

Reguitti Wonder - minimal handle

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Coordinated design: Reguitti Kora for timber

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Upon request, it is possible to affix the client logo on cremones, window handles, handles for sliding doors and windows, by way of pad printing or lasering.

Feasibility subject to technical approval and commercial analysis.

Why Choose Minimal Design Handles?

  1. Seamlessly Elegant: Minimal design handles seamlessly integrate into the design of ultra-slim profiles commonly found in modern buildings. Their sleek and understated shapes complement the clean aesthetic of contemporary architecture, enhancing the overall elegance of the space.
  2. Functionality: These handles offer more than just aesthetics. Their design ensures ease of use while maintaining good appearance. They allow occupants to interact with doors and windows effortlessly, without compromising the visual harmony of the space.
  3. Versatility: Minimal design handles are highly versatile and suitable for a variety of architectural applications, from residential to commercial projects. Their unassuming presence ensures they adapt to diverse design styles and settings.
  4. Durability: Crafted with precision and high-quality materials, these handles are built to endure the rigors of daily use. They resist wear and maintain their integrity over time, contributing to the longevity of your architectural creations.
  5. Architect’s Choice: Architects, artisans, and construction firms understand the significance of every design element. Minimal design handles offer the ideal solution to meet both aesthetic and functional requirements, making them a preferred choice in modern construction.


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