Complete system of opening, closing and multilocking, for top hung and side hung outward opening casement windows.

Technical Features
The OS Operator 2.0 system to be applied requires a specific profile cross-section.
The front force for opening the sash must be < 50 N. For forces > 35 N it is mandatory to use “loose rivet” arms.
The OS Operator System performs a dual function:

  1. The sash is moved from the closed position to the open position, limited in safety.
  2. The locking points engage and disengage.

With OS Operator 2.0 you can apply locking points connected by a rod made of polyamide, on 3 sides of the casement (mechanism side and arms side).
Making the OS Operator casement always requires:

  • Cremone (1 pc)
  • Mechanism (1 pc)
  • Arm (1 pc)
  • Locking points (their number varies depending on the size of the casement)
  • Corner drive (2 pcs) if perimetral closing is necessary

Possible dimensions
In particular, the minimum size will vary depending on the locking points used.