Giesse – CHIC 3D 100

CHIC Sash is a mechanism used for manufacturing a modern and minimal-ist interior side-hung casement thanks to the possibility of combining CHIC hinges with 180° opening with the innovative SUPRA 7 window handle without rosette.

Technical Features
CHIC 100 Sash hardware is offered with concealed hinges used to make sash-es up to a minimum width of 160 mm:

• 0° mechanism – closed sash
• 90° mechanism – open sash
Making a CHIC 100 Sash requires:
• CHIC 100 sash hinges
• SUPRA 7 or Cremone window handles and Giesse window handles
• Fastening mechanisms (terminals and strikers)
Sash minimum and maximum dimensions:
Width: 160 – 1500 mm
Height: 600 – 2500 mm.



CHIC 3D 100 Side Hung composed by

CHIC 3D 100 Side Hung with Secondary Sash composed by

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