SchlegelGiesse becomes Tyman International

In 2022 SchlegelGiesse, the home of Giesse, Schlegel, Reguitti and Jatec brands changes its business name to Tyman International.

SchlegelGiesse becomes Tyman International

Read below the message from our President.

Tyman International changes name

Dear Partner,

As you are aware, our brand portfolio of Giesse, Schlegel, Reguitti and Jatec is part of a larger group called Tyman whose commercial network reaches clients in over one hundred countries in the world. The group is listed on the London Stock Exchange.

I am pleased to write to you today to advise that we have taken the decision to change the name of our business from SchlegelGiesse to Tyman International.

Our product brands of Giesse, Schlegel, Reguitti and Jatec, of which we are immensely proud remain unchanged, but the organisation will change from SchlegelGiesse to Tyman International.

Why this change

Until now, Tyman has maintained a discreet presence. However, to take advantage of the capabilities we have across the group, we feel that now is the right time to present ourselves as Tyman. Our aim is to share the full range of our portfolio and services, develop a common approach to best practice as one organisation and to do this whilst maintaining the operational agility we have in each business unit.

As a global provider of engineered fenestration components and access solutions, we feel the improved presence and visibility of Tyman will support the market offer of our business units with additional confidence that their offer is protected and enhanced by the integrity, experience, and stability of the larger group.

What this means for you

In your day-to-day business with us nothing changes. We are still the same company, the same people, and our product brands remain unchanged.

You may already have noticed that, in the months leading up to this change, the name Tyman was becoming more evident in our documents and communications, and this will gradually increase in all our communication channels as we complete the transition from SchlegelGiesse to Tyman International.

Thank you for your support

Peter Santo
President Tyman International