New Quadrafin

The best air permeability performance for sliding

Schlegel G3-QF (Quadrafin) is the new brush seal with an extruded base for sliding windows and doors, designed with advanced features that make it the ideal solution to counter air infiltration.

Quadrafin has been significantly optimized through the following features:

  • Double-raised center fin that provides a more effective barrier against air infiltration (see comparative table);
  • More flexible base, easy to fit into even the narrowest channels;
  • Thicker silent fins that provide optimal air tightness without annoying noise.
Comparative test carried out on one linear meter brushpile weatherstripping following the pressure increments according to EN 12207.

Competitor: Brush Pile with central fin +0.5 mm
with 20% compression.

Schlegel G3-QF (Quadrafin): Brush Pile with central fin +1 mm with 20% compression.

The main colors of the multi-filament brush are white, grey, and black, but a wide range of colors are available upon request to meet the aesthetic requirements of coordinating with any window frame.

The pluses of the new Quadrafin add up to the other advantages of the previous version:

icon-easyEasy to inserticon-uv-resistantUV stable and chemically inert,
for extended longevity
icon-resistant-to-water-mould-and-mildewPP yarn treated with silicone
to resist water, mould
and mildew
icon-polypropylene-central-finImproved sliding and excellent
resistance to abrasion and static
Very low air permeability

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