Q-LON fire retardant

Extinguishing gasket for fire rated doors

Schlegel Q-LON fire retardant seals are designed to effectively restrict the passage of fire and smoke when subjected to a fire situation, slowing the spreading of flames and reducing ingress through the window or door sections.

Q-LON fire retardant seals can be used on standard and fire-rated windows and doors. They offer a higher level of resistance in the event of a fire.

All fire retardant seals follow EN 13501-1, Class E, the fire classification of construction products and building elements that tests the product reaction to fire.

Q-LON fire retardant - polyurethane foam weatherseals | Schlegel

The selection of Q-LON fire retardant gaskets includes all the features of the Q-LON polyurethane foam seals:

Unrivalled thermal performance
(0,04 W/mk.).

Outstanding acoustic

Excellent recovery after compression.

Low compression forces.

Vast range for every

Wide range of colours.

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