Reguitti R60 flush handles for sliding doors
Design and simplicity

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Patented mounting

R60 flush handles: modern design

The new R60 flush handle is characterized by a modern minimalist design. Reguitti aims to reduce all components to the essential, for a design that is perfect for contemporary and interior spaces. Thus aesthetics and simplicity live harmoniously together whitin the same product.

No visible screws

The new R60 flush handles feature an innovative patented mounting system, without screws on the coin-cutting striker side. The harmony of lines and the soft shape avoid the impact of the projection, fully satisfying the demands of contemporary furniture.

Reguitti R60 square flush handles


The new larger size makes R60 flush handles more functional and never unwieldy. The simplicity and fast assembling (no need of tools), combined with the self-adjustable thickness, make R60 one of the top handles for sliding doors.

Oversized flushOversize flush handles ø 60 and 60×60 mm
Super fast assemblySuper fast manual assembling without using tools, screws and glue
Self-adjustableSelf-adjustable for door thickness from to 35-52 mm
No thumb projectionNo projection of the thumb turn