Q-LON Overlap

Polyurethane foam seal for aluminium applications

Q-LON Overlap is the best polyurethane foam gasket for aluminium applications from Schlegel. It combines excellent thermal insulation, exceptional acoustic performance and quick fitting.

Schlegel developed the Q-LON Overlap seal range in order to provide enhanced performance for aluminium windows and doors compared to EPDM and TPE.

Perfect mimicry
Q-LON Overlap is made of polyurethane foam with a polyethylene coating that can be matched with the profile on which the gasket is installed.

  • Vast range of colours available with embossed liner
  • Great look

Easy to install
Q-LON Overlap can be inserted along the channel or frontally and it can be removed for maintenance.

  • No need for cutting at the corners
  • No interruptions along the entire perimeter of the sash
  • Quick and easy fitting and removal
  • Insertion roller available, for smooth installation

The Q-LON seal range includes several other products dedicated to aluminium casements.

All Q-LON gaskets feature the following advantages:

  • Exceptional thermal insulation properties (thermal conductivity 0.041 W/mK)
  • Outstanding acoustic insulation
  • Excellent recovery after compression

Cradle to Cradle - Program

Cradle to Cradle Certified®
The foremost certification for environmentally sustainable products. Q-LON has achieved Bronze level in all 5 categories of human and environmental health. A reliable commitment to sustainability in all aspects of company and production processes.

Other certifications and testing

  • ISO 9001
    International Quality Standard controlling the manufacturing process.
  • EN 12365
    Performance requirement and classification of gaskets for fenestration.
  • Thermal Conductivity
    Tested to EN12667:2001 ; D = 0.041 W/(m · K). Low thermal transmittance supports improved window classification
  • UV Resistance
    Accelerated weather test acc. to DIN EN ISO 4892-2 – Surface liner. Tests at: 2 GJ/m², 4 GJ/m² (6 GJ/m², 8 GJ/m²) for improved longevity
  • Compression Set Testing
    Based on EN12365-4 Recovery after aging at maximum working temperature. For improved sealing life
  • Komo (Netherlands Standard)
    KOMO is the premier quality mark for the building and infrastructure sector in the Netherlands
  • Extreme weather resistance (Russian Standard)
    TU5775-001-4900-1519-07. Testing various properties and performance of seals at extreme climatic conditions – eg -60oC

Cradle to Cradle Certified® is a registered trademark of the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute

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