Kora handle for timber

Modern design for all openings of the building

Kora is the brand new handle for timber doors and windows made by Reguitti. Designed in collaboration with Giesse, it combines modern design, high quality, resistant finishes and a single style for all handles of the building.

Reguitti thinks about the environment: all Kora handles are made of recycled aluminium, a truly sustainable material.

The full product range features handles and escutcheons that can be ordered separately in order to maximize efficiency and flexibility.


All available finishes are certified GRADE 5 (highest grade) for salt spray corrosion resistance according to EN 1670 certification (GRADE 5 > 480 H excellent resistance). Furthermore, all finishes are certified ISO 0 according to ISO 2409 surface cross hatch test, the highest level for paint resistance and adhesion to surface.

Matt White


Pure white

Matt black


Black Semi Gloss
RAL 9005

Metal grey


Metal grey

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