Connection rods now with 30% recycled material

For aluminium windows featuring European Groove.

Technical drawing connection rod (03524N)

In a commitment to environmental responsibility, Giesse has recently implemented a sustainable transformation for its aluminium window connection rod, identified as 03524N. This innovative upgrade involves the integration of 30% recycled material, a strategic move aimed at diminishing resource consumption and minimizing waste.

This update underscores Giesse brand and Tyman International’s joint commitment to fostering a more sustainable business model, replacing part of the virgin raw material with pre-consumer recycled material, the quality of which is ensured by certified recovery management, reflecting a conscious effort with eco-friendly practices.

The connection rod is conveniently packaged in 200-meter rolls and is offered in finish Black RAL 9005 R30 (code: 591). Designed to seamlessly align with profiles featuring the European Groove, this rod is specifically crafted to be machined by the semiautomatic and automatic machines available at Spazio Giesse.

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