C.H.I.C. Door for European Groove and R Groove

Concelead hinges for aluminium doors

C.H.I.C. Door is Giesse’s range of concealed hinges that improves the aesthetics and increases the value of the door while also simplifying warehouse organization. Its high load capacity, in compliance with European standards, makes it versatile and fit for a vast range of residential and commercial solutions.

Giesse broadens the concept of concealed hinges for doors with Euro Groove (EG) and R Groove (RG) systems.

C.H.I.C. Door EG and RG are extremely easy and intuitive to mount, sensibly reducing installation time. The wide height and side adjustment range means that they can be mounted by just one person after the door has already been installed.

"C.H.I.C. Door EG/RG" concealed hinges for Euro and R groove | Giesse
icon easy

Installation is particularly simple as it only requires straightforward work on the frame. The installation
of the door can take place on site in just a few steps.

icon max 120-150 kg

C.H.I.C. Door allows to fit sashes weighing up to 120 kg with 2 hinges and up to 150 kg with 4 hinges.

Icon adjustable

The simple and intuitive 2D adjustment only requires the use of standard tools. The final adjustment
of the door can be carried out by just one person.
Height adjustment = – 2+ 4 mm
Side adjustment= +- 2 mm

Icon 105° opening

105° opening
Suitable for inward and outward opening systems with a maximum opening angle of 105°. Ideal for
a variety of different residential and commercial applications.

Icon CE certified

CE Marking
C.H.I.C. Door EG and RG hinges bear the CE marking in compliance with the EN 1935:2004 regulation
(class 12) tested with 200,000 opening and closing cycles.

C.H.I.C. Door for Euro Groove and R Groove systems are patented solutions. All design, development,
and production stages are 100% Made in Italy

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