Supra7 – A success story

Window handle without base, for minimal design

The world of aluminium hardware continues to shift towards more minimalist windows, with concealed closing systems and innovative components. The Supra7 project was created to provide the market with a window handle featuring minimal design, to be combined with very thin profiles, but applicable to virtually any window closing system, thanks to the 7 mm square plate.

The main technical challenge in the design of a window handle without plate was to securely attach the handle to the sash profile. Some products already on the market had too much backlash between the handle and profile. So users tended to feel that they were weak and would not last long.

That’s why Giesse decided to create a base, with an integrated 7 mm plate, to be firmly fixed to the profile. The window handle was then inserted into the base, covering it completely, thanks to an innovative fixing system in which the grub screw is housed in the square plate. This solution made it possible to obtain a firm and secure handle-profile coupling.

Supra7 components

After the study phase, the first Supra7 prototype was produced, ready to be tested statically and cyclically in the laboratory. From the very first tests – which involved trying to tear the handle off the profile – it became clear that the product was outstandingly hard-wearing. We were on the right track.

Once the mechanical performance was assured, the focus of the Giesse technical department shifted to aesthetics. Handles are one of the key features of any door or window and Supra7, with its minimal elegance, needed to be discreet, while still asserting its presence. So we decided to adapt the most successful aesthetics of the Giesse range: Prima, a timeless classic; Asia, with a strong personality; and Kora, square and modern.

However, a concept like Supra7 also deserved an extra touch. And so the fourth aesthetic, exclusive to the Supra7 range, was created: Aria, a contemporary design that meets the market’s demand for originality.


The feedback we received about Supra7 was enthusiastic right from the start. Our famously precise and critical marketing team acknowledged the absolute value of the product from the very first prototypes. Their mechanical perfection and captivating design were real winners. The window and door market appreciated the new hammer because of its easy installation and almost universal applicability.

The successful development of Supra7 led Giesse to develop additional versions for further openings. Supra7 IN/OUT double, normally applied in combination with the Champion Plus multi-point lock on sliding doors, allows opening and closing also from the external side of the sash. Supra7 Asia Apex, for Side Hung external openings, is characterized by a very long 7 mm square and recessed handle design. Supra7 offset provides minimalist aesthetics even on external protruding openings.

Supra7 has been one of the most satisfying projects I have been involved in in my career. Thanks to the intense work with a very cohesive team, we immediately realized that we had a beautiful and functional product on our hands. The presentation to the marketing team was a great success: the Supra7 minimalist hammer did not show any problems and was immediately considered as one of the winning products for the future of the company.

Antonio Giacon
Product Manager