Aluminium for casements

Why choose aluminium? When deciding on the material to use for casements, aluminium is the obvious choice, due to its durability, versatility and low environmental impact.

Aluminium lasts longer than all other materials used to make casements

Aluminium is the first choice of the construction industry when the main requirements are durability and a reduced maintenance requirement. It is a material with an exceptional ability to resist atmospheric conditions, such as mould, fungus and bacteria, not to mention corrosion and rust. The durability of aluminium frames can be attributed to the finishes of their surfaces (anodising or painting), as these notably reduce both the impact of external agents and the need for regular maintenance.

Industry research has confirmed the extreme adaptability of aluminium event in environments characterised by highly aggressive atmospheric conditions, such as industrial and marine settings:

  • Urban pollution: carbon monoxide and dioxide do not have a significant effect on aluminium.
  • Industrial pollution: ammonia, sulphur dioxide and hydrochloric acid have limited effects on aluminium and even less so as time goes on.
  • Marine environment: salt is unable to effectively attack aluminium, for example in casements used in coastal areas.

Aluminium is the perfect design material

Aluminium can practically be modelled into any shape, making it the go-to material for architects and designers. This means that it is extremely suitable for buildings with modern architecture, increasingly focused on minimal design that also supports large open spaces.

Aluminium is the “green” choice in the world of casements

Aluminium door and window frames are an eco-friendly solution from every angle. This material is currently produced using large-scale recycling techniques, considerably reducing the CO2 released into the atmosphere and saving 95% of the energy required to produce new aluminium. Recycled aluminium is mostly recovered from the transport, construction and packaging industries, but also from products that are not sold, such as faulty goods or production waste.

And the use of aluminium frames also enhances the energy quality of a building, when installed combined with high quality hardware and components. Aluminium is even eco-friendly in the unfortunate case of fire, as it does not release polluting substances.