The Cloud
Auckland (New Zeland)

Framerite Installations manufactured the aluminium joinery on The Cloud multipurpose event venue, located on Queen’s Wharf on the Auckland waterfront. The company specified Schlegel products in the design, due to their outstanding performance.

The construction of the $9.8 million The Cloud venue, a centrepiece for hosting major events, needed to be to the highest specification, with every aspect installed and finished correctly. Schlegel BP10HD, BP16HD and BP22HD (products specific to Australia-New Zealand) friction stays offer the requisite outstanding performance, guaranteeing long-lasting smooth operation. The stays are manufactured from a combination of high-quality 304 grade stainless steel and nylon components that ensure improved durability.

Schlegel Polybond Woolpile and Polybond Finseal weatherseals were specified to ensure superior weather resistance, energy efficiency, acoustic performance and protection against dust, sand and insects. Manufactured from polypropylene, the pile yarns are siliconised to repel water, thus making them the perfect product for The Cloud’s waterfront location.