PVD Satin GUN METAL finish by Reguitti Inox

Reguitti Inox presents the new PVD Satin Gun Metal which gives stainless steel a new look with a contemporary style.

A trendy “dark tone” finish with satin effect in line with current trends.

The PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition) technology derives from aerospace, medical and automotive applications. It is the only handle treatment that offers high and durable surface protection, in order to shield it from scratches and corrosion.


Specifically, PVD satin Gun Metal finish reached the maximum degree (5) of resistance to salt spray corrosion according to UNI-EN1670 standard. It is also guaranteed for 10 years

Discover all Reguitti Inox aesthetics for windows and doors handle that feature PVD Gun Metal finish and download the brochure for more details. 

Download the brochure and contact us for more details


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