EN 12365:2003 certification across the entire Q-Lon range

Seal performance is of critical importance for the overall efficiency of windows and doors

The performance of gaskets and weatherstrips is critically important to the overall performance levels of the window or door, which are only as good as the weatherstrip they employ.

EN 12365:2003 is the European standard that prescribes in detail the performance requirements of seals for doors, windows, shutters and facades. Seals control the passage of air, water, and noise and define the thermal transmittance between fixed and openable components of doors and windows.

SchlegelGiesse has always strived to offer its customers products that meet the maximum performance requirements. That’s why the entire Schlegel Q-Lon range is EN 12365 certified.

By way of EN 12365, it is possible to compare the performance levels of different weatherstrips, even from different manufacturers, and actually find out which one offers the higher standards.

The classification employs a six digits system:

When assessing the performance requirement, the greater grade does not always imply the best level of performance. So, when comparing categorisations, higher scores are usually better but careful analysis is required to ensure that the needs of the particular application are met.

EN 12365 thus offers a classification system that enables window, door, shutter and curtain walling manufacturers or installers to ensure that they are using the component that best meets their requirements.

Based on a unique blend of materials and unprecedented technical performance, Schlegel Q-Lon offers the highest possible sealing standards, even in extreme conditions.

An unwavering commitment to research and development combined with meticulous checking of materials and quality make Q-Lon one of the most acclaimed sealing systems in the sector.

The exclusive benefits offered by Q-Lon foam weatherseals in terms of materials and functions include:

  • Excellent and long-lasting elastic memory – ability to recover their original shape after compression
  • Stability – a rigid insert or internal fibreglass thread assures reduced or virtually zero elongation
  • Ease of compression – low compression forces that are unaffected by temperature changes
  • Acoustics – outstanding acoustic performance
  • Thermal conductivity – unprecedented thermal performance
  • Impervious to paints and stains – the product’s properties are unaffected by contact with commonly used paints and stains
  • Stabilised – unaffected by rot, mould, UV radiation and ozone
  • Colours – white, black, brown, grey and many other colour options
  • Temperature – wide operating range from conditions of extreme heat to extreme cold